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self portrate of margie jankielsohn artist and painter

Margie, a talented artist hailing from the picturesque Free State, now calls the breathtaking Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands in South Africa her home. With a passion for creating captivating art, Margie's artistic journey has taken her on a remarkable path.


Her artistic career took off in 2007 when she showcased her first solo exhibition at the esteemed Visual Arts festival in Clarens. Since then, Margie has displayed her works at prestigious events such as the Bedford Garden Festival, Crystal Barn Gallery, The Wine Cellar, and numerous private venues and local pop-up exhibitions. 

Early on in her artistic development, Margie had the privilege of being mentored by the renowned Eastern Free State artist, teacher, and author, Lynette Schuld. Under Schuld's expert guidance, Margie honed her skills and discovered her unique artistic voice.


The beauty of the Eastern Free State sky and landscapes initially influenced Margie's work, inspiring her to explore the medium of watercolor. She found watercolor to be a versatile and exciting medium during the first phase of her artistic journey.


However, Margie's artistic curiosity knew no bounds, leading her to experiment with various techniques and media. She fearlessly delved into the realms of inks, soft pastels, oils, collage, and mixed media, pushing the boundaries of her creativity.


Margie's artistic repertoire encompasses a wide range of subjects. Her works often feature exquisite still-life compositions, evocative landscapes, captivating seascapes, and abstract contemporary sketches. Using a combination of mixed media, watercolor, and soft pastels, Margie breathes life into her art, creating vibrant and thought-provoking pieces.

Among Margie's special interests lies a fascination with collage and mixed media floral and botanical works. She skillfully combines various elements to create intricate and visually striking compositions, capturing the essence and beauty of the natural world.


Through her art, Margie invites viewers on a captivating journey, evoking emotions and encouraging contemplation. Her works possess a unique charm that resonates with art enthusiasts and collectors alike. As she continues to explore new horizons and push the boundaries of her artistic expression, Margie's art promises to leave a lasting impression on those fortunate enough to experience it.

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